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Dr. Sloan is a Professor Emeritus and formerly Samuel Roberts Noble Presidential Professor at the University of Oklahoma. He was also on faculty at the University of Central Florida where he was The Lawrence J. Chastang Distinguished Professor of Terrorism Studies. Dr. Sloan also taught at Temple University and Sam Houston University. His first book A Study in Political Violence: The Indonesian Experience was based on his research in that country before, during, and after the attempted coup of 1965.

Dr. Sloan is a pioneer in research and teaching on terrorism since the 1970s. His course was one of the first to be given at a university. He also developed the simulation technique to counter-terrorism and his books Simulating Terrorism and Red Teams and Counterterrorism Training (co-authored with Robert J. Bunker) have been used to conduct simulations domestically and internationally. Dr. Sloan has also directed a number of simulations for various US and foreign military and police forces.

Professor Sloan consults on doctrine, strategy and policies associated with combating terrorism and insurgency. He has lectured and been on faculty at various senior service schools and has consulted in the corporate sector. Dr. Sloan was the first Visiting Fellow and a member of the Steering Committee of the Memorial the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT.) He is a member of The International Institute for Strategic Studies and ASIS formerly The American Society for Industrial Security.

Professor Sloan and his wife Roberta live in Oklahoma City.

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Dr Stepehn Sloan

Can Terrorism Be Stopped #2

March 7th, 2021|

A couple of years ago I flew in the simulator at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. I heard two bangs and the pilot  said we are going to simulate a landing with two blown tires. Later in the week I was on a flight from Dallas to Tokyo. As we took off I heard two bangs, bangs. The pilot announced we had blown two tires. We circled the airport, dumped fuel and landed safely. Bang, bang.

Can Terrorism Be Stopped

February 11th, 2021|

In 1976 I co-authored a pioneering study on terrorism, which my students helped to compile. It was published in the Daily Oklahoman in an eight-part series entitled “Can Terrorism Be Stopped” which was later syndicated internationally to leading foreign newspapers by the New York Times. I never got credit from my department since my study did not appear in a refereed journal. It was at that time that I started to ignore the conventionality of academia.

Long Road

February 10th, 2021|

I will also remember my first trip from New York City to Oklahoma. I was picked up at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City, which resembled a bus station with a runway. I was then driven to Norman, but my host got lost and we ended up on a gravel road. I wondered what I had gotten into. After 38 years at the University of Oklahoma I have traveled a long road but interesting one.

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Professor Stephen Sloan

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